Blue Moon OD
Swiss-army knife bluesy drive
The ZED Blue Moon is your new Swiss-army knife overdrive pedal. Donít be fooled by its single knob control: we played several styles of music and used it in more ways. We did slow drone jams - think of Neil Youngís ďDead ManĒ; we did classic Texas blues - think of Stevie Ray and ZZ Top; we did loud space rock - think of Hawkwind; good friends boosted distortion pedals to colour the sound.

Like the others ZEDís products, the Blue Moon overdrive isnít a tweaked clone of a popular pedal nor a reproduction of an old-time-glory, but itís a totally new concept. Itís based on the 4049 CMOS chip and uses all of the six inverters to achieve a smooth and natural breakup.

Available also in BARITONE/BASS EDITION, mail us for availability and customization BEFORE ORDERING:

PayPal / card fees included in price.
Lifetime warranty to the first owner, registered and noted.
Ä 165,00
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